Inspiring Learning Life

Collaborative Paradigms in Education

”Learning festival”

Drammen, Norway

13 – 15 April 2016



Please join with teachers and learners around the world in creating the movement “Inspiring learning life”.

From Canada to Tanzania, from Norway to Argentina – the hope is to share and to create practices of learning that engage, enliven and expand the potentials of students and teachers alike. Many such practices exist, and with outstanding outcomes for students, teachers, parents, and communities. The results can be life-long.

“Inspiring learning life” aims at connecting curious and invested stakeholders throughout the world, and opening new vistas for sharing and creating.

Why this movement?

Most schools and school systems around the world are still based on principles emerging in the industrial age and caught in an individualistic language and focus. Here education functions like a machine, where the point is to take raw products – the students – and fashion them according to pre-set specifications. Not only are the machine products evaluated for quality control, but so is the machinery (including teachers and school systems).  In the contemporary context of global flows of information, innovation, and change, the industrial view is moribund. Increasingly it fails to engage the interests of students and the enthusiasm of teachers. Both the methods and content of the classroom are increasingly irrelevant to contemporary life. Costs are growing and the quality recedes. Drop-outs and medications are increasingly common.

In our view the challenges we now face – collaborations is required– from students, teachers, administrators, community members, and policy makers alike. Needed are also new forms of dialogue, the creation of learning organizations, appreciative dialogue, strength-based thinking, relational and collaborative learning. We need to create pride, build «hope», and encourage creativity and innovation relevant to our times.

The overall purpose of the movement

  • To increase the motivation – and indeed the joy – of  learning and teaching.
  • To bring education into synchrony with emerging world conditions.
  • To ensure education for all, regardless of ability or need.
  • To increase the opportunities for everyone to make use of their full potential

The unfolding plan

Our present attempt is to mobilize all the expertise, wisdom, and creativity existing among students, teachers, researchers, opinion makers, parents, local businesses etc. in the service of inspiring learning life.

Our immediate interest is in establishing networks and facilities for sharing. We start in August 2014 and the festival ends in June 2017.

Then, towards April 2016 we will launch a physical festival, where stakeholders from around the world can meet face to face. At the festival you will meet enthusiastic students, politicians, scientists, business people, teachers, learners etc. – all working hard to achieve more inspiring practices of education.  The festival activities will be made available electronically to people everywhere.



National Science Centre Strength Based Learning, Norway.
Contact and

Taos Institute Europe:
Contact: Jakob Nørlem

Taos Institute:
Contact: Kenneth Gergen:

Haslebo & Partners:
Contact: Gro Emmertsen Lund

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