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The National Knowledge Centre for Strength-based Learning has its origins in an array of practice communities which have worked over a long period with the application of strenght-based approaches in work in Norway. For almost 10 years, two of these disciplinary milieus, Lent as and the Work Institute in Buskerud, have cooperated in the establishment of a Norwegian academic milieu within strength-based work. This work has resulted in book publications, the development of practical tools, and a course and training program. In 2010, the first study courses in Appreciative Inquiry and strength-based learning in Norway was established. The initiation of these courses of study, some of the first of their kind in Europe, is made possible through a unique cooperation with the University College in Buskerud and Vestfold. Since 2011, over 150 students have taken this program.  This year (2014), 50 new students have been accepted to the AI-programs.

The cooperation begun between the Work Institute in Buskerud and Lent as is now being continued at the National Knowledge Centre for Strength-based Learning (

Viss has the task of developing and spreading knowledge about strength-based thinking and work methods through research, studies and cooperation with educational insitutions in Norway and internationally.

The committee of the Knowledge Centre:

Jan-Helge Atterås , County Chief of Education, Buskerud County is the Committee leader..

Committee members: Herleik Tosterud, partner in Lent as. Helen Bjørnøy, County Representative in Buskerud. Vidar Lødrup , Director of Knowledge Management, Abelia. Kenneth Gergen ( USA), Professor and Director of The Taos Institute. Ottar Ness, Associate Professor, University College of Buskerud and Vestfold (reserve member).

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Bjørn Hauger

Bjørn Hauger is the general manager for the National Knowledge Centre for Strength-based Learning.  He has a degree in sociology from the University of Oslo and has worked at the University College in Buskerud and Vestfold.  Bjørn Hauger is also partner in the consultancy firm Lent as (

Bjørn has been a driving force in the establishment of a disciplinary milieu for strength-based work in Norway.  He has published an array of beeks and articles (click here) about this topic, and has long experience with use of Appreciative Inquiry as an approach to organizational development in an array of organizations and national developmental programs.  Bjørn Hauger is also a Taos associate.


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Ingebjørg Mæland

Ingebjørg Mæland is in the process of concluding a Master’s study in educational management at the University College in Buskerud this academic year.  Ingebjørg has broad experience in work with children and youth from 1978 to the present, with her first position in one of the Criminal Care Residential Homes.  After this, she had two years as an occupational therapist in Child Psychiatry before working for 12 years in outreach activity with youth and adults in the spectrum from  preventive work to treatment. She has also worked with the County Chief of Education in Buskerud with responsibility for special education and developmental work within this area. She has been our manager in the Work Institute in Buskerud since 1998 and has been engaged in strength-based management and organizational development continuously.  She has been involved in political work at the commune level for eight years.