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What is required to release the potential of both people and organizations? How can one create excellent learning results in a school and at the same time ensure that all students and teachers experience the joy of learning and are given the opportunity to be at their best? What will happen in a workplace in which all do what they are best at every day? How will this affect work health? How will this influence productivity?

The developing disciplinary field focusing on strengths, Positive organizational research and positive psychology show what is required in order for people and organizations to be at their best.  For you who wish to gain deeper insight – and develop trainer skills within this field – we recommend the course program in Appreciative Inquiry and strength-based learning.  If you wish to sharpen your competence – or to gain access to new practical tools for how one can lead processes that enable all to be at their best – in a relation, a team, class or organization –  we recommend you take one of the courses offered at the Knowledge Centre.

Anerkjennende elevsamtaler og bruk av veikart som handlingsplan
Transformasjon av læringskultur
Treningssamling: Styrkebasert prosessledelse
Styrkebasert prosessledelse (2 dager)
Positiv psykologi i praksis
Smart oppvekst
Klasseledelse for optimale klassemiljø
Styrkebasert tilnærming til coaching

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