Calgary Web Designer How Can I Construct A Fantastic Website

Calgary Web Designer – How Can I Construct a Fantastic Website?

A good businessman is the one who is always checking his business and the demands for gradual development. In earlier times when business happened to be a thing wherein a client enters in looks at the wares and a knowledgeable salesman commences selling his things. On the other hand nowadays that aspect is altered. At the moment you have several internet-based suppliers where the client browses a lot of online sites with the click of the mouse and views the snap shots and features of the product or service. He can study matching objects and thereafter opt for one depending on their preferences.

The web at present has brought in stiff competition to the offline outlets where you have modest options sometimes owing to not having enough space and occasionally owing to lacking sufficient workforce. The web has dealt with these challenges and has given massive options to the people. This process is getting put to use by a lot of individuals all the time. For a lot of your business requirements, whether it be earnings or promotion of your business, one requires an outstanding website. dragon city hack cheats Internet site is the key sphere as if you’ve got a good online site then you will increase your access to buyers.

Two dominant people for building a top notch internet site are a skilled website designer and an expert web developer. These individuals come racing rivals hack ios together for constructing a reliable online site. The website designer is the one that caters for graphic aspect. This comprises an effective arrangement, colouring and fonts of the internet page. A website designer may also have a working know-how of using multiple languages for example CSS, JavaScript, Flash, PHP and HTML to construct an online site, however the extent of their skill is different from one web designer to another and this is where we want services of an experienced web designer.

An experienced graphic designer helps in putting together an online site which caters to a given target. A target would be anything from a certain age bracket or a given flavour of tradition. So we want a reliable graphic developer given that they possess plenty of skills and their experience helps you to get over this difficulty. A skilled visual developer may as well know as to what type of online site he or she is creating. Will it be an e-commerce website or a social media site or article distributing website? To illustrate when the website is to be designed for a company objective then it’s suggested that the majority of the things are listed positively.

In case the online site is for social network he then should make sure that private data isn’t shared openly. Visual details of the website shouldn’t mismatch with the content, it must be easy to surf and you must locate needed details rapidly. There are plenty of firms involved visit more information with web designing one particular organization is found in Calgary that’s performing excellent job in website designing. Talk to them straight away and start getting more traffic to your site that finally may grow your income. Finally, will you name it as expenses or asset? The decision is yours.

Ethan is an expert in the field. For more information on Calgary web design, and Web development Calgary Please visit:

Ethan is an expert in the field. For more information on Calgary web design services, and Web development Calgary Please visit:

Bodylastics Home Gym A Lot Of Benefits, But Not The Total Answer To Fitness

Bodylastics Home Gym- A Lot Of Benefits, But Not The Total Answer To Fitness

Bodylastics, a well-known resistance bands home gym system, offers many benefits including tremendous cost savings, but is also missing a couple areas for complete fitness. See the following for a discussion of both the benefits and the needs.

Inexpensive ?With a starting price of $44.95, Bodylastics is certainly easy on the pocketbook when compared with gym or health club memberships, and home gym exercise equipment such as Bowflex. When looking at the 140 exercises shown on the Bodylastics website or the exercise manual included in the package, it appears this resistance band system duplicates those of any other system for a fraction of the cost.

Portable ?Bodylastics can be taken and used anywhere that has a door. The 2# compact carry all works well for travel and storage.

Look and Feel Good ?This is the primary benefit we all are after. No matter how inexpensive or portable, the whole purpose of using Bodylastics is to look and feel better than before – not only for our own self worth, but also in the eyes of others.

Smooth and Quiet Operation ?The completely noiseless and smoothly operating resistance bands are a pleasant change to the use of noisy free weights, and various machines. This not only benefits the user, but also those nearby.

Not Complicated to Use ?You will be exercising within minutes of opening the package. No detailed instructions are required like those for health club or home gym machines. Just attach the door anchor, clip on the bands, and start toning the body.

Exercise all Muscle Groups ?Bodylastics is like having a complete fitness machine. The resistance bands can be psn codes hack set love this game website up to tone all areas of the body including the chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs and abs.

A Quality Product That Will Last ?Bodylastics uses only the highest quality materials to give a long lasting performance.

Guaranteed Performance ?Bodylastics has an outstanding 3-point guarantee:
– 100% satisfaction with your health and fitness after regular use of Bodylastics for a period of six weeks.
– Visible results to not only you, but also everyone else after six weeks usage.
-Lifetime warranty for defects. Bodylastics will replace any damaged products for free within the first 90 days. Subsequently, any damaged product can be replaced for a cost of $5.95 including shipping and handling.

Does Not Include Cardiovascular Exercise ?To complete your fitness routine, some walking, jogging, or running needs to be included. This is an area that normally is available at health clubs via machines or indoor tracks. An inexpensive alternative is to simply walk, run, or jog outside in the neighborhood. Northern check more climates may hamper this routine during certain times of the year for all but the very hardy.

Does Not Include The Motivation of Working Out With Others ?Any kind of home gym means working out on a fairly solitary basis. This may take some getting used to in terms of self-discipline to maintain a consistent routine. I found in belonging to the YMCA that it helped to have others around that are working with the same goal in mind.

Thus, Bodylastics certainly offers a lot of benefits, but is not the total answer to fitness. A good cardiovascular workout is important and the motivation of working out with others has some advantages. However, when making a choice between using Bodylastics and doing nothing, the answer is pretty clear.

Cameras And Photo Albums Wedding Favors That Capture Memories

Cameras And Photo Albums: Wedding Favors That Capture Memories

You&25267;e invested some serious time into planning every minute detail of your wedding. From the cake to the dress to the venue, couples end up making about a million decisions before the big day. Needless to say, you want your wedding guests to remember just how special your ceremony was. Ideally, each guest will walk away with beautiful memories that they&25251;l cherish for years to come.

Giving photo albums as wedding favors is a genuine and cost-effective way to say thank you to your important guests and ensure that they remember your special day. Match the album to the theme of your wedding, and even start each one off with a photo of you&26793;he happy couple.

Don&25264; forget to preserve these moments for yourself as well. Personalized disposable cameras should be at least at every table&26778;f not every place setting?so a picture is always in arm&25263; reach.

Pairing cameras with photo album favors will encourage the spirit of picture-taking and leave you with more shots of you and your friends&26768;ll smiles and fun&26793;o post and tag on Facebook.

That said, even though it&25263; a magical thing to be able to share your wedding pictures with everyone you know with one click of a button, old-fashioned photos that you can hold and frame are more priceless now than ever.

Here are a few ideas for cameras, albums, and photo holders you might consider:

&25541;apture the Moments?Photo Album by Kate Aspen

For a classical lok with an elegant rapport, designer Kate Aspen&25263; Capture the Moments album is an economical yet sophisticated way to preserve your captured memories.

Each album is lined in black satin tied off with a delicate satin bow, and holds ten pictures&26793;wo in either
side of five pages&26768;nd one visible one centerpiece photo on the front cover.

To match the modernist look of the album, have your wedding racing rivals hack ios photo done in sepia tones.

If greeting your guests with a glowing picture of you is a little too much, use the albums to hold your guests?placecards.

&25539;each Memories?Photo Album by Kate Aspen

Forget fancy soaps and decorative keychains; another playful and inventive favor idea from Kate Aspen, Beach Memories albums are the favor to give for a beach wedding.

Beach Memories really captures the spirit of the destination wedding. Each 6.5x5x1-inch album is covered in high-quality, textured mulberry paper and can hold up to 40 4×6-inch photos.

The front frame displays three handcrafted and painted beach charms in the likeness of two shells and a starfish.
A fun, laid back design for a laid back wedding, this casual favor says thank you in a simple and genuine way.

David&25263; Exclusive Je T&25227;ime Glass Photo Frame Coaster Set

While photo albums are always appreciated, a single framed photo wedding favor can convey lots of personality. The Je T&25227;ime set includes two pearly glass coasters etched with musical notes, hearts, and the words &25555;e T&25227;ime,?or &25553; love you,?in French.

Coasters are a softer, tenderer way to memorialize your day with a favor that will put your pictures closer at hand than a photo frame on a mantle.

Each 3.5-inch square coaster fits one photo 2×1.375 inches and is encased in an acetate box tied off with white organza ribbon and donned with a blank tag for a personalized message.

Personalized Silver Rose Bouquet Camera

If you&25262;e buying all kinds of photo albums, you&25262;e going to need personalized disposable cameras to take pictures to fill them.

Each camera is custom printed with your personal message&26794;p to 20 characters&26768;s well as your names and wedding date.

Cameras are preloaded with 27 exposures, 400 speed film and operate on a manual flash. All your guests will have to do is point and shoot and you&25251;l real racing 3 hack cheats have more pictures than you&25251;l know what to do with. The silver rose design is a subtle, grey silhouette of a rose that will blend in with just about any wedding theme or motif.

Black Print &25562;icture This?Disposable Camera by Kate Aspen

This fun print camera seems perfect for a winter wedding or any theme that incorporates a lot of silver.

A playful instruction card instructs your guests exactly how to capture your moments best, and the point and shoot camera is designed for ease of operation. Each camera comes with 27 exposures of 35mm, 400-speed AFGA color film, which will work in about any lighting conditions.

The flash is built in for indoor or nighttime pictures and the optical viewfinder and fixed-focus lens make taking quality candid shots a snap.

The Inconvenient Truth About Male Eating Disorders

***The Inconvenient Truth About Male Eating Disorders

Today researchers find that for every four females with anorexia, there is one male, and for every 8-11 females with bulimia, there is one male. (American Journal of Psychiatry) The majority of men suffer with Binge Eating Disorder and the majority does not get treatment until they have diabetes, heart attacks or other weight-related disorders.
Research is showing that for some people, some foods can take on an addictive quality. Following is the story of one man’s struggle with this disorder.
“At the height of my addiction to food I became unable to drive my car. As my weight increased I was forced to recline my seat further and further back until the steering wheel obstructed my view through the windshield. Showering was painful and challenging, therefore, I resorted to showering every other day. Although I worked in a very small office it was extremely difficult to walk from my desk to the file cabinet without assistance. My back was under such great stress that I was rarely blessed with a good night’s sleep. Shopping at the Big and Tall stores was no longer an option so I started to purchase my clothing from catalogs for people with extreme obesity. I was unaware of my waist size although it was bigger than 72 inches and my shirt size was a 10X. As I became heavier I developed sleep apnea and often woke up feeling as though I was being suffocated. At this point in my life I was 34 years old and the circulation in my legs had become so bad I had begun to look for a wheel chair. I had honestly lost all click more details hope of reaching my 40th birthday. On July 23rd of 2005 I visited an eating disorder clinic share this website that I knew had a scale that could weigh me. I was devastated to learn that I was 522 pounds.”
Growing up he never thought this would be his path. This started out so innocently as it does with many addictions. The general public is beginning to become aware of addiction, but few understand the connection to food. Yale has developed a Food Addiction Scale that is used in various research projects to provide scientific qualitative data. Some researchers have identified sugar as being more addictive than cocaine. There is a scale for sugar addiction for people who think they may have a problem. You can also find other people’s experience when they abstained from sugar for 5 days.
He shares his story in the hopes that other people will become more aware of this devastating disorder and get the help they need. If you or a loved one needs help you can get more information at Rebecca’s House Eating Disorder Treatment Programs and obtain a free eating disorder assessments by calling 800-711-2062. This story has a happy ending.
“Today I can walk/run on a treadmill for 2 miles. I can walk into any department store and purchase clothing off the rack. I have amazing relationships with both family and friends. Last July I married a beautiful woman who loves me unconditionally. I’m now 41 years old and I have been relieved of excruciating back pain, sleep apnea, depression, poor circulation in my legs, atrial fibrillation, and agoraphobia. I’ve given away exactly 352 pounds! I can walk, talk, and breathe all at the same time! My body has healed from this self imposed illness of many years; however, I do have approximately 30 pounds of loose skin that reminds me of where I’ve come from everyday. “
For more information on Eating Disorder Recovery programs, please call Rebecca’s House for a free assessment at 800.711.2062 or go to

Callaway Clone Golf Clubs Drivers For 2007

Callaway Clone Golf Clubs — Drivers For 2007

This is your guide to find Callaway clone golf clubs, dragon city hack 2017 specifically drivers for the 2007 season, to suit your game, save you money, and utilize technology used by PGA professional golfers Phil Mickelson, Charles Howell III and golf legend Gary Player, among many other touring professionals.

For 2007, Callaway Golf has introduced three new drivers: Fusion FT-i, Fusion FT-5 and Big Bertha 460. This is no surprise as all golf manufacturers must keep inventing new driver styles and technology advancements to stay competitive. Below you will find great choices of Callaway clone drivers for 2007.

The Callaway Fusion FT-i Driver uses patented Fusion Technology which fuses titanium and a carbon composite material together to redistribute weight in the clubhead. This moves weight away from the center of gravity. Moving weight away from the center of gravity results in a driver with increased stability that maximizes distance and increases accuracy. This driver is the choice of golf Legend Gary Player.

The following drivers offer you great alternatives to the Callaway Fusion FT-i Driver at a fraction of the price:

Integra I-Drive Square Driver — The square head design reduces twisting during off center hits and enlarges the hitting area which in turn increases forgiveness.

Integra SoooLong Quadradic Driver — The technology in this driver moves weight further back on the driver and more towards the heel and toe resulting in the square shape.

Acer XP Mantara Titanium Driver — This driver is designed to be very stable due to its square shape which moves the weight away from the center of gravity which results in exceptional control.

The Callaway Fusion FT-5 Driver also uses patented Fusion Technology that creates discretionary weight which produces increased distance and accuracy. This is the driver Phil Mickelson and Charles Howell III are using to get off to such a great start to the 2007 season.

Another great choice that fuses titanium and composite materials together and can save you money is:

Acer XP Comp Titanium Driver — In this driver they have replaced the heavier titanium on the crown with lightweight carbon graphite. This results in a lower center of gravity and higher launch angles.

The Callaway Big Bertha 460 Driver is an all titanium driver designed with a shape close to the limits for width and length. This shape enables the incorporation of a 460cc head with a shallower face and flatter shape to produce the highest moment of inertia in any Callaway all titanium head.

Other great all titanium Callaway driver clones include the following:

Big Power 460cc Driver — real racing 3 hack cheats This large 460cc head stretches titanium for maximum forgiveness and balance with a shallower face and flatter crown.

Big Balance 460cc Driver — This is a 460cc forged titanium head constructed with a slightly more elongated shape which offers even more forgiveness and control.

These are a few of the many Callaway clone golf clubs on the market today. With so many alternatives to choosing higher priced brand name clubs, considering clone golf clubs makes a lot of sense for many golfers.

Body Composition Is More Important That Weight

Body Composition is more Important that Weight

Body Composition is more important than weight. If you are a regular dieter, you probably already realize that there are THOUSANDS of choices for losing weight that include the latest, greatest gimmic. And if you think that green tea bean is going to shave off those extra pounds without your work or involvement, I’d like to invite you to think again.
When it comes to metabolic syndrome, our nation is nearing catastrophic levels! Part of the biggest problem stems from people not understanding their bodies. That’s where we make a difference. At Straight Nutrition, not only is our job to give you the tools you need to get the job done, we work to help you understand physiology whic explains how your body works. YOUR JOB IS TO PROVIDE THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT! It’s a simple covet fashion hack cheats tool formula that starts with math.
Your body is made up of 5 different compartments – metabolic tissues, intracellular water, extracellular water, bone tissue and fat. Your total body water weight is found inside and outside your cells. Body Cell Mass includes your metabolic tissues and intracellular water. Extracellular mass includes your bone tissue and extracellular water. Lastly, is your fat mass.
Total Fat Mass includes your visceral adipose and subcutaneous adipose tissues. Elevated rates increase your risks for cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, diabetes, cancer, and many other disorders.
Body Cell Mass (BCM) is your active tissue mass which includes skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, and viscera-nervous tissue which is your heart, kidney, liver, and lung. Body Cell Mass is the total mass of the metabolically active cells in your body. They perform chemical, thermal, or mechanical work exchanging oxygen, burning calories, and utilizing glucose.
Loss of BCM (Sarcopenia) is associated with a reduced quality of life, poor immune response, increased biological age, osteoporosis, and impaired healing. It takes three times longer to accumulate BCM as to deplete it. To increase BCM you must remove catabolic factors like stress, anxiety, sedentary behaviors, insulin resistance, etc., and increase protein calories and introduce resistance training.
Extracellular mass (ECM) includes your plasma, tendons, ligaments, fascia, dermis, collagen, elastin, and the skeleton. ECM is the tissue not targeted by catabolism which includes your bones, legaments, tendons and extracellular water.
When you begin understanding more about HOW your body works, you can begin supplying the micronutrients that provide the building blocks for your body to function like a smooth running machine~!
Start your year off right… let us calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), adjust for activity, adjust for your weight goals and spread the food out between the food groups. Make your appointment today. Stop jumping from one marketing product to another and put your feet on the ground. When the marketing is better than the product, your plan begins to ping-pong.
Get off YOUR roller-coaster and STOP GUESSING about your health.. click here for your. Total Body Balancing which includes ALL THREE important factors for lasting, long-term results: Changing Your Food, Testing and Filling Nutritional Deficiences, and Rejuvenating Your Hormones Through Balance. Don’t Wait to Create the Balance Your Body Deserves. Start 2012 with a PLAN THAT WORKS… BECAUSE YOU WORK!

Tackling Small Business Startup

***Tackling Small Business Startup

A small business startup is the launching pad of a business that is categorized in the small scale group. It generally starts with low investment and a few employees. The smallest of small business are the home-businesses and are termed micro-businesses by the World Bank.
The main advantage of starting small businesses is that they need less funds, and you can start with a small staff. A small work area and a lesser amount of time investment can do for the small startup business. These businesses are flexible and change according to modern combat 5 cheats tool the market. And the best part is that they allow close dealings and relationships with the clients and customers. But the disadvantage is that in many cases the startup business end up in bankruptcy and the business owners being sued by their creditors. But a small business, carefully planned and started can reap profits and grows into a large business over time. share this website To tackle a small startup business you may need the following:
Formulating the “blueprint” – The business objectives and policy should be laid out and a plan or a strategy should be decided. The resources needed, the funding required, and the scopes of the business should be thought out carefully.
Executing the plan – After the planning is done, it is time to implement it. For that, efficient qualified employees should be hired, and enough material resources acquired and a backup strategy should be prepared.
Marketing and acquiring customers –You should do research on the customers’ demographics and marketing trends. This will certainly help the startup business. Marketing the product to the targeted customers can help in bringing higher percentages of returns and tackle new small business in a better way.

California Free Public Divorce Certificates Over The World Wide Web

California Free Public Divorce Certificates Over The World Wide Web

Looking up public records such as dragon city hack 2017 California Divorce Records is a challenge for most people. If you are able to succeed in finding the divorce record you are looking for in a long time, it can either mean that you have been persistent enough or that you do not know of other means. There are several steps that are needed to obtain a file regardless of what type they are. In 2007, the California Department of Health Services (CDHS) was reorganized into two separate departments. These were the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS). Licenses and certificates are under the former. Among its functions is keeping the records on birth, death, marriages and divorces at its Vital Records Office.

There are four states that do not keep track of divorces within the state. These are California, Colorado, Louisiana and Indiana. When it comes to supplying divorce records, the Office of Vital Records in Sacramento, California can only provide a Certificate of Record for divorces between 1962 and 1984. You can get the more detailed information on divorce records from the actual county offices where the divorces occurred.

A Certificate of Record consists of the names of the involved parties, racing rivals hack ios the court case number and the county where the divorce was filed. It is not the same as a divorce decree and it does not state whether the divorce was finalized in court. A fee of $13 is needed and the certificate’s processing time takes more than six months. It is advised that anybody who wants to request must submit the request to the County Recorder’s Office in the county where they filed the divorce.

The Supreme Court in the county where the divorce was filed is the only one that can supply certified copies of divorce decrees. The document specifies the complete details of the divorce settlement. These characteristically include the declaration on matrimonial assets, child support and alimony order, visitation rights and custody. The divorce decree also contains the disposition on all other conflicts between the divorce parties.

Record of Marriage Dissolution is another term for divorce records. Marriage and divorce records mostly appear side by side in a search regardless of what the primary record it is you are looking for. Both of these records are often merged in government and commercial files. California is one of the states that require a racing rivals cheats hack tool certified copy of Divorce Records that contains the proper dissolution of past marriages when a divorcee needs to re-marry and applies for a marriage license.

California has a huge amount of residents and also a lot of Free Public Divorce Records. Although county divorce records are somewhat scattered, these can add up to heaps. The good thing is that there is another way of obtaining records from online records providers. There are even sites that provide free divorce records when you do a search in their site. These commercial record providers mostly offer cheap but good services for people who request important records conveniently and faster that processing of government agencies.

Bob Marley Quotes To Enjoy

Bob Marley Quotes To Enjoy

There are very few musician who are as well known in the field of Reggae music as Jamaican Singer and musician Bob Marley. He is one of the most recognized personalities in the field of Reggae music and has got International acclaim. He is considered as a worldwide Icon of Reggae Genre of music. He is still popular amongst peoples, even after he is demise. Here are few of famous inspirational Bob Marley Quotes to get to know about his way of Thinking.
1. Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality . Wake Up and Live!
2. People want to listen to a message, word from Jah. This could be passed through me or anybody. I am not a leader… The word of the songs, not the person, is what attracts people.
3. The stone that the builder refused, will always be the head cornerstone.
4. To make music is a life that I have to live.
5. Most people think Great God will come from the sky
6. dont forget your history nor your destiny.
7. Free speech carries with it some freedom to listen.
8. I drive a jeep. An old jeep, so nobody will say I’m driving a BMW anymore. I couldn’t stand that BMW, ha ha ha! BMW make pure trouble!
9. Just can’t live that negative way…make way for the positive day.
10. My music will go on forever. Maybe it’s a fool say that, csr racing 2 hack cheats hack but when me know facts me can say facts. Free speech carries with it some freedom to listen.
11. Conquer the devils with a little thing called love!
12. free instagram followers generator When one door is closed, dont you know, another is open
13. I love the development of our music, that’s what I really dig about the whole thing. How we’ve tried to develop, y’know? It grows. That’s why every day people come forward with new songs. Music goes on forever.
14. open your eyes & look within, are you satisfied with the life youreliving.
15. If you are the big, big tree, we are the small axe, ready to cut you down.
16. To really solve a problem, you know, you really feel like killin’ someone, but whose problem I gonna solve when I kill someone? So I figure peace I the best thing
17. Get up, stand upStand up for your rightsGet up, stand upDon’t give up the fight.
18. My father was a white and my mother was black. Them call me half-caste or whatever. Me don’t dip on nobody’s side. Me don’t dip on the black man’s side nor the white man’s side. Me dip on God’s side, the one who create me and cause me to come from black and white.
19. The stone that the builder refused to lay should always be the head corners stone. You’re a builder baby; here I am a stone.
20. They say: only the fittest of the fittest should survive, stay alive
21. All dese governments and dis this and that, these people that say they’re here to help, why them say you cannot smoke the herb? Herb… herb is a plant, you know? And when me check it, me can’t find no reason. All them say is, ‘it make you rebel’. Against what?
22. The biggest man you ever did see was once a baby.
23. If puss and dog can get together, why cant we love one another?
24. I don’t have prejudice against myself. My father was a white and my mother was black. Them call me half-caste or whatever. Me don’t dip on nobody’s side. Me don’t dip on the black man’s side nor the white man’s side. Me dip on game of war fire age cheats hack tool God’s side, the one who create me and cause me to come from black and white.
25. I like to see you move with the rhythm; I Like to see when you’re dancing’ from within

The Danger Of Swearing Off Love After Being Hurt

***The Danger of Swearing off Love after being Hurt

Excerpt from the research for my next book STRONG WOMEN IN LOVE: Five Steps to Find and Keep Love—and Avoid Disappointment
Break ups and troubled relationships do more than hurt—they confuse you. What went wrong? Why did it last so long—or so short? Why did I choose him? Or why can’t we resolve our problems?
If you are smart, you’ll take a mini-break from dating or stop using ineffective methods with your partner until you can answer these questions. But if you are not love savvy, then you’ll take too long of a break, delve superficially into your issues or get your “emotional dukes up” against getting wounded again.
Swearing off men or closeness robs you of opportunities to learn about your needs and issues and soon you get interpersonally rusty. Paradoxically, avoiding love and fortifying your defenses leave you more likely to make mistakes.
Forty percent of the women in my study found more information themselves caught in this most frequent trap of Flat-line to Fireworks when they share this site fell head over heels in love after they promised themselves no more men. Usually, the new man became the next ex-boyfriend. Women who already had partners tried very hard to be happy with hastily-chosen and unwise choices—who eventually also became their next ex.
You are especially vulnerable to this dating and mating pattern if you work too much and hate making mistakes almost as much as you dislike your family’s failure to create a supportive environment. In today’s world, Flat-line to Fireworks begins with you feeling so hurt that you take an emotional time-out by promising yourself no more men. Like Sleeping Beauty, you close your eyes to dating and or resolving key issues with your partner, and soon your life becomes a flat-line, just like the ones on heart monitors in emergency rooms that tell physicians the heart has stopped beating. At first, you are so hurt that you swear off men. And if you already have a partner, you close your heart to him. Loneliness or powerful life events such as getting older, ill or losing a parent intensify and then overpower your hurt feelings. Now you run the risk of doing things you might regret—breaking up, having an affair, building a double moat around your heart to keep out your current partner or leaping before you love and going over that cliff with yet another inappropriate person.
You might banish men from your life for a week, a month, a season or a year. Or, out of loneliness, fear, financial problems or the sake of the children you decide to stay with your man—but give up on love.
More important than how many days you swear off men is your No More Men Mindset. The vow of no more men or love comes from such intense fears of getting hurt that you believe you cannot withstand the pain again. Avoiding intimacy seems safer than risking what feels like a mortal wound from love’s disappointments. You adopt an armor of toughness to hide and protect an often unknown core of fragility—and need for speed no limits cheats hack you fool yourself into thinking that wanting a man is a sign of weakness. At first, you are so hurt that you swear off men. And if you already have a partner, you close your heart to him. Loneliness or powerful life events such as getting older, ill or losing a parent intensify and then overpower your hurt feelings. Now you run the risk of doing things you might regret—breaking up, having an affair, building a double moat around your heart to keep out your current partner or leaping before you love and going over that cliff with yet another inappropriate person.
Here are some beginning steps you can take to avoid this trap.
1. Answer why you chose this person when you did. Are you repeating your parents’ relationship? Are you inadvertently creating a relationship that is similar to a troubling and incomplete one you had with one of your caregivers?
2. Promise yourself that you will get emotionally brave enough to face these issues.
3. Get professional help. Usually, we don’t know exactly what more to ask or how to spot the best explanation.
4. Make a list of all the things you didn’t like or respect about your parents or caregivers. Now make a list of the same things regarding your hurtful relationship. What similarities do you see?
5. Take your time in your next relationship. Postpone sex. Hang out together instead of going on formal dates.
If you are a strong, capable woman and would like to be part of my research, please go to my website , click in the Research box in the upper right, and you will be taken to the link for my online survey. If you indicate that Self Growth led you to my survey and if you leave your email, I will contact you with free help!
Thank you. You can also read my articles in major sites such as and